About Us

Food Bear founded on February 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic global outbreak by Sam and Kyle. Sam and Kyle meet and discussed in Singapore about the possibility to open the new startup company that work in food sustainability in South East Asia in early 2019. A year after they just make it happen and start their business in Indonesia.

Trust the process. We always end up right where we’re meant to be. Right we’re meant to be there.


With the mission bring “good food from locals for locals”, food bear work together with local SMEs community to provide fresh ingredients to us, so we can sell good food that can reachable and affordable to all segmented levels of people in South East Asia.

What kind of Food that we sell? We believe healthy food not must be a diet food. Healthy food in our understanding is a type of food that have full composition of vitamins, nutrients, and any kind elements that our body needs. So we pick food and balancing the composition for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and other things that make our body fit everyday with fresh ingredients and locals benefits.

So what is Food Bear? Food Bear is food sustainability startup that aimed bring good food to everyone. To get closer to the locals people in our market area, we use popular food: like Korean food in Indonesia. Because Korean cultures from drama and music is so popular in Indonesia now, each market have different kinds of food to sell: depends on what kind of food that popular or happening. So we truly have high considerations in localization perspective. Not just making and selling food, but we truly bring authenticity, originality, and locals perspective with the expertise in the area that able to deliver good food that affordable to many peoples.


With the technology fast advancement and due to many good benefits we believe in cashless system, we support and install cashless system in all of our businesses. So the customers can buy our products in easy, simple, and no hassle payment process.


Diet food in Indonesia is segmented to the upper class and people that have high healthy awareness. More than 50% the population of Indonesia (Indonesia current population is +- 270millions people) is made by middle class and lower class. And millions of people in Indonesia have lack in food nutritions or diseases that caused by food in daily consumption. The diet food and healthy food that existed in Indonesia is unreachable by most of medium-lower class.

So what FOOD BEAR can do?

  1. Food bear can provide good and real food with healthy benefits and nutritions benefits to middle-low class with affordable prices.
  2. Food Bear help spread healthiness without pushing people to enjoy diet food that unpopular in middle-low class people.
  3. Food bear have high localization concept so we understand what the locals needs and wants. And we try to be closer with adopted the popular food concepts like Korean food in Indonesia and etc.
  4. Food Bear is the food sustainability startup with the concept from “Locals for Locals”, so we also giving financial benefits to the local people and small medium enterprises in surrounds us or local communities while we doing our job and work to spread healthiness to the people.
  5. And we have more way to do to solve nutritions lacking and food problem in local communities, if you wanna know more and discuss. You can email us at foodbearkitchen@gmail.com