Food Bear Kitchen Launched

April 2020, we launched Food Bear Kitchen as our F&B brands with Korean concept that served middle-low segmentation.

We bring Korean food as our main themes in Indonesia, as we considering high localization adaptation in our business; Korean food and cultures is popular for locals in Indonesia. So it will be easier to approach the middle-low segmentation to introduce them an affordable, real and good food in local concepts.

We partnered with 3rd party food delivery apps like Gofood and Grabfood; to bring our food closer to the locals. We also selling our food with our own delivery system by website order (currently) and mobile apps (future).

We also accepting cashless payment methods in our kitchen, to support cashless payment in Indonesia. Food Bear Kitchen also work with locals community to provide us daily ingredients, most of our communities is local SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). We wanted to increase the quality and financial strength in local area with our business growth. With take and give system on our business, we minimize the use or partnered with big companies to provide us ingredients in our kitchen, as it will didn’t give any good impact to the locals surround us. As we really wanted to contribute it to the locals, with the concept of “FROM LOCALS FOR LOCALS”.

Our vision and believe is, “good food and real food is for everyone without seeing economic classes, races, religions, and etc”. We want bring good food with a lot of good things inside it to the locals and can be accepted by the locals.